PROJECT Tuunaansaari (ex Retretti) Savonlinna, Finland

Tuunaansaari is a scenic area near the Savonlinna Opera City in the heart of Lake Finland. The area is the most beautiful landscape in Finland.

There is a unique Retretti Cave on the Tuuunaansaari, where a unique experience of augmented reality is developed. Finland's leading center for culture, research and education is implemented in the Retretti area.


Tuunaansaaren Luola Oy Ltd

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Name of land: Taideluola, reg. no 740-600-1-166 Total land area: 61150 m². Building right max: 20000 krsm². Underground cave: 5500 m². Cave length: 1300 meters. The rock hall (concert hall) is about 2000 m² (two levels). The height of concert hall about 20 m. Restaurant and bar. Other cave halls height: 8 m. Height of cave corridors: 4-6 m.

In the area of Tuunaansaari, a resort-style area will be built, with a high-quality wooden structure, a research and training center and a restaurant. The Tuunaansaari Cave is equipped with a modern high-speed data network, about 500 projectors and cameras, WiFi and other technology. Finland's leading concentration of culture, education and entertainment is being developed in the Tuunaansaari area.

New buildings (2022-2023) Art & Culture, Research & Training Center: about 6000 m². Resort hotel, about 9000 m². Rooms: About 180. Beds approx. 500. Estimated number of visitors per year 300,000.

Cave Complex map and inside photos